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Am I alone in thinking that makes more sense, at least for slash fandoms? If I'm not alone, then we need a pairing template. There is a large Snape-centric subsection of HP fandom that is not Snarry.

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Hence, it would precurse his being not such a bad guy after all.

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What part of Snape did we find about in Book4 that we didn't see before? Why not just have the names as part of the history or the fanworks section, together with what they have done? JKR laughs Who on earth would want Snape in love with them? Especially since we only saw a part of the story, at the end of the book, and we were left wondering exactly what Dumbledore ordered Snape to do when he asked if he was ready.

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This is literally a chat room that I am hosting so that all you Severus Snape fans can talk to Severus and have him. Am I alone in thinking that makes more sense, at least for slash fandoms? Very funny indeed!!

Snape abuses his power. I take names from places too.

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xhat Proper, good wizards are quite fond of muggles and treat them in a kindly way. That's why I'm wondering if she is so stunned because she cannot fathom the fact that someone might believe Snape is a good guy if she reserved a bad ending for him. SnapeChat. I wonder!!! See what I mean?

The word for non-magic humans, muggles, is a twist on the English word mug, which means easily fooled. That's all we want to know right? Ask to Severus Snape whatever you want. Really tightly now, cause this is a question about the ending.

Maybe it's far-fetched, but it still gives me that impression. Like my friend, Afictionado, said: "Rowling takes great pleasure in surprising us" Hence, the surprise dhat not be as big as expected if we were able to uncover the truth. Snape chat.

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Snale she mean she's stunned someone thinks Snape can have a redemptive nature to him? Also notice how she says "that teachers do sometimes abuse their snspe as if all teachers do, even though it's not all the time. That's another chat cristianos solteros why I believe Rowling is one of those new kind of parents who believe children have as much right to talk their minds out as adults.

Dumbledore, on the other hand, is an Old English word meaning bumblebee. There is a large Snape-centric subsection of HP fandom that is not Snarry.

How we divide up sections on the has changed over time, but we're not very standardized. I see what you mean. This should be the Severus Snape. Talk to Severus Snape online right now.

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Chat with Severus Snape's chatbot is. I get that this is the slash so the gen ones aren't really of concern here, but this gives the wrong impression, imo. This is why I reckon Rowling is the kind of adult who wishes more equality between children and adults.

You can chat with Severus Snape here. JKR: Snape. Harry potter fans will appreciate this SnapeChat.

His Death Eater status is what comes to mind. We also understand more why she keeps Snape around, as an example of power abuse. It can be one or the other or both.

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YOU ARE READING. There, the truth of why she finds him deeply horrible is out!

A standard procedure for ambiguous names might be nice. His "bastard" attitude or his Death Eater mark.

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Some do, indeed, but not all I can assure you. I wish she would be clearer! For example, Malfoy and Voldmort are invented names. And then remove this gardener's tag? Could someone add the ones on this back in, while retaining the very welcome new links Siahara just added? That makes it sound as if there were more slash than gen ones, or at least an equalwhereas there are only 17 incest ones listed on [ painless-j's thematic list ] for them, but th-- Alchemia talk8 May UTC ere are probably hundreds of gen Severitus stories by now.

The redemptive pattern to Snape!

Fanfiction. One of our internet correspondents wondered if Snape is going to fall in love. Snape chat Super Funny, Funny Cute, Hilarious, Funny Jokes, Funny Snapchat, Super Funny.

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